Regular Respite Care for Carers of Elderly People

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If you look after an elderly person who requires intense care, it can be hard to get anything done around the house or to leave the house for errands and personal care. Regular respite care can give you a great opportunity to catch up on these tasks while getting a mental break from the work of caring for someone with high needs. 

Here are some of the options for regular respite care. 

Centre-based care

Centre-based care offers a chance for the elderly to spend time with people their own age and to make some social relationships. This can be very important for people who are struggling to see their own friends as they get older, as many older people stop driving and can find it challenging to coordinate transport if they have mobility issues. Centres usually offer structured activities such as dancing, crafts or cards which can help people to maintain physical and mental health for as long as possible. These activities, along with the social stimulation, can be a great way for people to spend the day while their carer can get some time to catch up on other tasks. 

Home-based care

Home-based care happens when a carer comes to the house. This can be a great idea for people with very high needs who may struggle to be in a centre, as they may need to be close access to medical equipment and require one-on-one care, and this is also great for people who have mental issues that make it hard to transition between locations. A care agency can help to organise a carer that has the skills and experience that your loved one will require. This can be done on a regular basis and can also include overnight care. 

Residential care 

Another option for regular respite care is a specialised residential care option, such as putting your loved one in a nursing home for a regular respite. This can be a good option for people with very high needs, as it gives them access to medical equipment and a range of trained professionals who can help in any medical situation, including physical and mental issues. 

If you are looking to explore which respite care might be best suited for your family, you should contact a care agency. They can look at the needs of your loved one and help you to find a local provider that can provide them with great respite care.