After Hours Care For Your Child With A Home Doctor Service

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It can be extremely frustrating and worrying when your child falls ill outside of your doctor's normal opening hours. Your child is not quite sick enough to take them to the emergency room, but you'd like them seen by a professional as quickly as possible all the same. The good news is that you can now contact a home doctor service that gives you the peace of mind and professional advice that your normal GP would give you, but after hours and completely free of charge. It's called a bulk billed home doctor service and is becoming more and more popular amongst worried parents everywhere. 

How To Use A Home Doctor Service

Accessing a home doctor service couldn't be easier. Simply call the number provided and you can speak to one of many doctors employed by the service. These are professional, trained GPs who offer their services outside of their normal working hours. It means you can get access to a bulk billed home doctor when your usual surgery is closed and get the same degree of service and advice. From advising you on how to take your child's temperature to asking a series of questions in order to reach a diagnosis, a home doctor service is just like having your own doctor in the room with you. 

There Is Also A Video Home Doctor Service

In addition to using a phone home doctor service, there is also a video home doctor service that allows your doctor to make a more thorough appraisal of your child. For example, explaining how a rash looks over the phone can be tricky. A video service allows your doctor to see the rash in more detail, and thanks to the capabilities of smart phones today, this is usually quite effective in reaching a diagnosis. 

Don't Wait Until The Morning

When you have a home doctor service at your disposal there is no need to wait until the morning to make an appointment for your child. Using a bulk billed home doctor can give you and your child peace of mind so that you can get a good night's sleep, or arrange a visit to your local hospital if required. The main thing is that you get instant peace of mind from a professional outside the normal opening hours of your GP's surgery. A home doctor service is also free of charge as your medical insurance will cover it.