3 Issues a Breastfeeding Consultant Can Help Address

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Breastfeeding a baby can be challenging. This article will explain some of the ways in which a breastfeeding consultant can help you with issues such as a poor milk supply, baby falling asleep at the breast, and baby refusing to breastfeed, as well as the emotional and physical barriers to breastfeeding.

Poor Milk Supply

A breastfeeding consultant will help you to determine if you actually have a low milk supply or if it is the way that you are breastfeeding. They will do this by observing how you breastfeed. They will also be able to assess if your baby is receiving enough milk by observing their mood after feeding and monitoring their weight gain.

Remember that it takes time for your body to adjust to breastfeeding and your baby's needs. Feeding on demand (meaning the baby eats as often as they want within about an hour of the last feeding) and making sure that your let-down reflex is working optimally are two ways of ensuring that your baby gets their milk supply. A breastfeeding consultant will provide support, advice and encouragement that will help you to maximise your milk flow.

Latching Problems

If you are having problems latching your baby on or breastfeeding them, seeing a breastfeeding consultant can help ensure that you are getting proper help in getting this issue solved. Have you tried latching your baby on in a variety of positions? This is important because some babies prefer to be fed in certain positions, and this may solve the problem of a poor latch. Certain medications such as painkillers can also cause problems with latching. Always discuss all medications that you are taking with your doctor and breastfeeding consultant so they can offer the best support.

Baby Falling Asleep at the Breast

Some babies fall asleep at the breast when they are being fed, and this seems to bother some mothers more than others. If your baby falls asleep at the breast, there are ways to handle this situation.

Perhaps the baby is drinking too much at once, or they could be overstimulated and falling asleep while breastfeeding. If you suspect this could be the case, try burping your baby more often and changing their position when they start to get sleepy. This might help them to stay awake long enough to finish their meal.

A breastfeeding consultant may also have more suggestions for you in getting your little one to stay awake during feedings. They will listen to your situation and then make suggestions as to what steps you can take in order to make sure that both you and your baby are happy with the feeding experience.

To learn more, contact a breastfeeding consultant.